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15 ways to leave your lover

Product no. 2064175

Kick start your Hot Sauce collection with these 15 unique bottles and flavors, windforce 2 - 15.

1. Culley's MILD Buffalo Wing Sauce No. 2, windforce 2. With a nice creamy texture and a phenomenal taste, it’s not a coincidence that Culley’s Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce has won awards across several continents! The red bell pepper adds a sweetness that is complimented well by the mildness of the red Cayenne chili. Especially good with chicken, pork, and lamb, but works with almost anything.

2. Culley's Green Chilie, windforce 3. Green habanero at it’s very best! An award-winning Hot Sauce from Culley’s in New Zealand. A rather thick texture supplemented with a truly successful flavour with a mild heat allows you to enjoy this on anything – and in infinite amounts!

3. Culley's Mango & Coconut No. 3, windforce 3. Hot Sauce from Culley's in New Zealand. This deliciously mild Hot Sauce has the perfect combination of mango and coconut, which makes it fresh. Mango & Coconut No. 3 from Culley's is a great addition to spring rolls, fish and soup. 

4. Culley's HOT Buffalo Wing Sauce No. 6, windforce 6. HOT Buffalo Wing Sauce from Culley's is their take on the well-loved traditional American style Wing Sauce with an extra hit of heat. Especially great for glazing chicken wings or BBQ'd pork, and lamb.

5. Small Axe Peppers - Greenmarket Hot Sauce, windforce 6. The Bronx Greenmarket is the original Hot Sauce from Small Axe Peppers. The beautiful green colour is due to the use of Serrano chili. The peppers in this hot sauce is produced by more than 40 different community gardens in The Bronx, NYC. This adds an urban dimension.

6. Culley's Sriracha, windforce 6. Nice and classical taste of the Sriracha, well-known from the local pizza – and shawarmashops in Copenhagen! The use of fermented chili adds a great, deep flavour, with notes of the Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Use it for Asian inspired dishes, fish, seafood, and meat. A great all-round hot sauce.

7. Hot Thai Green, windforce 8. Hot Thai Green is specially made for Hot Ones, Season 11. This Hot Sauce has clear references to the Thai cuisine. The base consists of i.a. coriander, basil, lemongrass, ginger and lime juice mixed with Mexican Serrano peppers and a little bit of heat from the Carolina Reaper. Use it on a salad, a piece of salmon or on any dish you would like to add a herby flavor.

8. Culley's Applewood, windforce 8 is a smoked BBQ-like Hot Sauce.It is made on Habanero Chili and is perfect for marinades on hot wings or spare ribs.

9. Headless Horseradish, windforce 8. Once again the Torchbearer team has produced an excellent Hot Sauce with unique texture and flavor.Headless Horseradish is made on Ghost chilies, flavored with horseradish, garlic and dry mustard - a crazy horse !!

10.Culley's Carolina Reaper & Chipotle Hot Sauce, windforce 8. The collaboration between Culley’s from New Zealand and the Puckerbutt Pepper Company in the US has resulted in the Chipotle Reaper. The classic smoky flavour from the Chipotle is well matched with the heat of the Carolina Reaper. 

11. Culley's No. 1, windforce 9 With a wild heat and powerful sweetness this Hot Sauce is a true ‘No. 1’. The trinity between the Habanero, the yellow Scotch Bonnet and the Bhut Jolokia creates a unique flavor.

12. Hamajang Kiawe, windforce 10. With ingredients like Smoked Ghost and Habanero, this Hot Sauce combines two of the absolute favorites when it comes to chilies - and it's no surprise that the heat of this sauce ranks in the higher end of the wind force scale! Don't get scared if the heat builds over time. Use it if you find your all-round Hot Sauce is too mild.

13. Fiya! Fiya!, windforce 11 is a combination of four hot peppers including Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, Habanero & Jalapeño - flavored with sea salt and garlic.We think that Fiya! Fiya! is very beautiful and you can use it for tacos, eggs, sandwich and everything in between.  

14. Burn After Eating, windforce 13 is made from a secret combination of super-hots such as: Ghost, Scorpion, Reaper, 7 Pot Brown and 7 Pot Primo + green mango and ajwain, a spice that is often used in Arabic and Indian dishes. Gene, the founder of Karma Sauce, describes it this way: Burn after Eating is not a Hot Sauce you eat - it's one you survive! Anyway, use it on a slice of pizza or in a soup!

15. Culley's Carolina Reaper No. 10, windforce 15. Award-winning Hot Sauce. The flavour of the reaper chili is complemented by the sweet tomatoes. Great with white fish and meat. 

Net weight: 15 x 147 ml

Value: 305,75 €

NB: The shelf life of the 15 Hot Sauces is 2021, 2022 and 2023. Culleys Sriracha has a shelf life until November 2020.

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