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15 ways to leave your lover vol. 4

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Kick start your Hot Sauce collection with these 15 unique bottles and flavors, windforce 4 - 14.

1. Heartbeat Jalapeños wind force 4/15
Pure and natural, made of fresh jalapeño peppers and fermented serrano peppers. The mild heat is complemented by garlic, lime and a hint of cilantro. Can be enjoyed by everyone on practically anything.

2. Culley’s No. 4 Chipotle wind force 4/15
Chipotle No. 4 from Culley’s is their top-selling multi-award-winning hot sauce, which has recently been named the world’s best Chipotle Sauce. It has a medium strength and combines sweet tomatoes, peppers and smoked Jalapeños. This hot sauce has a Mexican touch and therefore fits for tacos, burritos and fajitas.

3. Dicks Peachy Green wind force 5/15
This tasty hot sauce is a blend of farm-fresh Serrano & Jalapeño chili. The sweetness from the honey and peach works perfectly with the sourness from lemon and lime, flavored with freshly ground spices and saffron.

4. Culley’s no. 6 Sriracha wind force 6/15
Nice and classical taste of the Sriracha, well-known from the local pizza – and shawarmashops!The use of fermented chili adds a great, deep flavour, with notes of the Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

5. Fiji Fire wind force 6/15
A friendly and mild Hot Sauce made from Bongo peppers from Fiji. A wonderful flavor enhancer in a sandwich, on a salad, in a mayo. Only your imagination sets boundaries.

6. Chili Klaus Nº 3 Ginger & Lime wind force 8/15
Hot Sauce Nº 3 is a fresh, medium-hot Hot Sauce made on the yellow Madame Jeanette chili flavored with ginger and lime. Madame Jeanette belongs to the Habanero family and makes this Hot Sauce bite a bit.

7. I dare you stupit Salsa wind force 9/15
Say hello to a real salsa! Chopped tomatoes, lemon and cumin in perfect balance. Lovely medium heat, even though it's made on the Carolina Reaper. It is perfect for nachos, burritos, tacos and everything you normally use salsa for.

8. Hell Fire Detroit Bourbon Habanero wind force 9/15
This Hot Sauce is an oaky bourbon and habanero hot sauce filled with flavors from the oaky bourbon barrel! The habanero are fire roasted and accompanied by smoked Ghost Chili. In addition, it gets its good taste from apple cider vinegar and lime juice which adds acidity to a sauce that goes well with barbecue, baked sweet potatoes or roasted chicken.

9. Gator wind force 11/15
Smokin 'Ed, the man behind the world's hottest chili pepper Carolina Reaper, has now bred a new chili called Pepper X. Pepper X comes from multiple cross-breeding. With a Scoville of 3.18 million, Smokin 'Ed is working to achieve a new Guinness World Record. So a few drops of this hot sauce will add a lot of heat.

10. Da Bomb Evolution wind force 12/15
Burning red super spicy Scorpion chilies are balanced with powerful spices such as paprika and turmeric as well as sugar, garlic and lemon. A touch of herbs like cilantro and mint helps complete the flavor. Perfect for shrimp, chicken or vegetables.

11. Brain Burner wind force 12/15
The first Hot Sauce from the opening round of Hot Ones The Game Show! This Hot Sauce is made from Scotch Bonnet and Carolina Reaper chilies. The Scotch Bonnet has sweetness, making it a great choice for grilled chicken, tacos or for a seriously spicy stew.

12. I dare you stupit Mustard wind force 12/15
Forget about the mustard you tasted at your local sausage man or Dijon as you know it from the supermarket. Here's a mustard that tears your nose off. Classic mustard spices and 60% Carolina Reaper chili and if you have the grilled sausage, you will soon have the wildest hot dog.

13. Wiltshire Farm, Trinidad Scorpion wind force 12/15
Besides its characteristic tail, Trinidad Scorpion is extremely hot and with a slow but consistent ignition. Very few extra ingredients have been used in this sauce, so more or less, you get the pure Trinidad experience.

14. Puckerbutt Chipotle Express wind force 12/15
In this tasty and spicy Hot Sauce from Puckerbutt, Smokin 'Ed's infamous chili Pepper X is combined with a smoky taste from Chipotle. The citrus notes help bring it all to life.

15. Reaper Squeezin’s wind force 14/15
Reaper Squeezin's is very carefully crafted with the world's hottest pepper, Carolina Reaper

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