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Chicago Red Hot Jalapeño

Product no. 1993425

The team at Small Ax Peppers has created a mild hot sauce that combines the flavors from the iconic "Chicago Dog" - which is a Chicago-style hot dog. This hot dog consists of a frankfurter made of beef on a poppy seed bun. This mild hot sauce is made on Jalapeños. Celery seed, dill, and briny apple cider vinegar evoke the classic pickle, while yellow mustard, tomatoes, and onion beg to be paired with an all-beef frank.

All the Small Axe Peppers products are produced with chili from community gardens and urban farms in nine different US cities across the country. Every time a hot sauce is sold, a certain amount is donated to the local gardeners in order to maintain the high quality of the gardens and the chili.

Net weight: 148 ml

Wind force: 4

EUR 24.00
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