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Hot ‘n Sweet Box

Chili Klaus - Hot ‘n Sweet Box

Product no. 2454344

In the Hot ’n Sweet gift box you will find a rich selection of Chili Klaus tasty gourmet products, including snacks on the side, sweets and chili balls.

The entire wind force scale is represented and the gift box contains several of Chili Klaus' new products, including sweets from the Spicy series and a soft and creamy mustard with a touch of Chipotle.

In the Hot ’n Sweet Box you get:

1 Ketchup Scotch Bonnet wind force 6
1 Chili Mayo Honey Ghost wind force 7
1 Hot Mustard Smoky Chipotle wind force 3
1 Chili Klaus Hot Sauce No. 3 wind force 8 (148 ml.)
1 Reaper/Passion Hot Sauce wind force 12 (38 ml.)
1 Chili Nuts wind force 4
1 Spicy Peanuts wind force 6
1 Chili Dip wind force 3
1 Spicy Orange wind force 6
1 Spicy Black wind force 15
1 Chili Balls wind force 6

The Hot ’n Sweet Box is packed in a beautiful gift box.




EUR 80.00
Worldwide deliverySafe online payment
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