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CK Snack Box

Product no. 19048

The Snack Box provides you with both salty and sweet goodies + Chili Klaus bestseller book including chapters about how to grow chilli peppers, funny story telling and spicy recipes. The Snack Box also contains 1 box of Lucky Bag so you can play chili roulette with your friends.

In the Snack Box you get:
1 box of Being Nice Forest Fruit Winegum wind force 1-3
1 box of Being Nice Lemon & Ginger Winegum Wind force 1-3
1 box of Being Nice Lovely Pink Rhubarb Rocks wind force 1-3
1 box of Being Nice Sweet Littel Lime Rocks Wind force 1-3
1 Lucky Bag - chili roulette with chilli balls wind force 6 and 15
1 btl. Classic Aioli Chili Galic wind force 3
1 btl. Ketchup Scotch Bonnet Wind force 6
1 bag of Chili Chips wind force 4
1 sachet of Chili Dip wind force 3
1 signed book, Den er go' i ørerne (Danish version)

The Snack Box is packed in a nice gift box with a Chili Klaus logo.

Normal price: 58.40 ex. vat

EUR 65.00
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