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CK Spicy Dinner

Product no. 19035

CK Spicy Dinner gift pack for the spicy and aromatic dinner table.

Having a Chili Mill © on the table - with whole dried chili in it - you can decide exactly how spicy you want your meal to be.

Chili Mill © is not just an ordinary grinder. The unique inner feeder presses the chili pods against the knife and ensures that your dried chili peat into flakes or powder. Freshly ground chili is very aromatic - exactly like freshly ground coffee. You can also mix your dried chilli with whole peppercorns. This provides you with a unique and spicy topping for your meal.

Smokin 'Racha is a hot, yet tasty, Hot Sauce from Smokin' Ed, US. The man who 'invented' the world's hottest chili pepper, Carolina Reaper. The original Sriracha Sauce has got an extra boost with Habanero, Garlic and Tomato. Wind force 9

Net weight: 148 ml



EUR 67.00
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