Wind Force

2  -  12 /15


Wind Force

2  -  12 /15

Hot Christmas Box

By Chili Klaus

In this brand new Hot Christmas Box you get a beautiful and Christmassy mix of brand new Chili Klaus products as well as some good, old bestsellers. A tasteful Christmas box with delicious products in windforce 2-12.

All the glory is packed in a nice wooden gift box with a black and red Christmas lid!


We send all orders within 1-2 working days.

We love our customers and fortunately they love us too.

SKU: 19060

Product information

Hot Christmas Box contains

Hot Sauce Reaper Uppercut v. 12
Hot Mustard Smoky Chipotle v. 3
Ketchup Scotch Bonnet v. 6
Spicy Rouge v. 2 - Will be replaced by a glass of Spicy Black, v. 15.
Spicy Red v. 12
Hot Chocolate v. 4
Chili Nuts v. 4
Chili Dip v. 3
Hot Rub v. 8
Birds Eye pods v. 8 



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