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Product no. 25051

The Atacama Cube is a compact and portable dehydrator that ensures long lasting life of your chilies. A fresh chili can last approx. 3 weeks in the refrigerator. With dehydrator model Cube you get an effective way to dry and pre-serve your chilies, to last much longer.

The dehydrator's engine is placed at the end of the Cube and ensures that the warm air is distributed across all 6 slopes, so your chilies, fruits and others are dried evenly to ensure a good result.

Product information below gives you more details about the different programs.



EUR 189.00
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Cube has manual thermostat and option for selecting temperatures from 30 to 68 degrees.
The Cube display shows recommended temperatures for 6 different categories of food:
1. Herbs / leaves, 40 - 45 degrees
2. Pasta, 40 - 50 degrees
3. Vegetables, 50 - 55 degrees
4. Fruit, 55-60 degrees
5. Meat, 68 degrees
6. Fish, 68 degrees

The drying is stopped manually when the desired result is achieved.

Heat output: 500 w
Total drying surface: 2600 cm2
Color: white
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 35 cm
Power: 220 v
Sound: 50 - 60 dB
Number of drying bags: 6
Materials: painted steel and food approved hard plastic
Energy Saving: On / Off Safety Button
Operation: manual thermostat.
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