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Pro Deluxe

Product no. 25053

Atacama Pro Deluxe is the top model with trays and panels in cool stainless steel.

A successful and uniform drying process depends on the combination of temperature, airflow rate and drying time. Pro Deluxe allows you to control all of these variables and ensures an outstanding quality of dehydration. The Pro Deluxe has 6 preset programs and the P1-EVO program, where you are cabable of setting the 3 variables yourself:
Drying time: from 1 to 72 hours
Temperature:  from 30 to 68 degrees.
Airflow level: 1,2,3 or 4

Product information below gives you more details about the individual options.

The dehydrator can be used for drying almost everything: chili, citrus, apples, strawberries, bananas, apricots, flower petals etc.. Meat, fish, vegetables and herbs are also perfect for drying. When you dry, you  extend the durability, but preserve the taste. For example, a fresh chili can stay cold for a couple of weeks while in dried form it may last for several years.

The dehydrator's engine is located at one end, and this location, along with a constant and regular flow of air over the 6 trays, ensures that the drying conditions are optimal. It is therefore also absolutely unnecessary to move around the trays during the drying process.

Limited edition

EUR 399.00
Worldwide deliverySafe online payment
Pro Deluxe has 6 preset programs and the P1-EVO program, where you can set the 3 variables yourself:
Drying time: from 1 to 72 hours
Temperature: from 30 - 68 gr.
Airflow level: 1.2, 3 or 4

The 6 automatic programs are as follows:
A1 - Auto: For use for all product types and when you are unsure of which program to use. Duration: 30 hours and average temp. at 55 degrees.
A2 - Thin: Short program, preferably for thinly sliced ​​fruit and green. Duration: 18 hours and max. temp. at 50 degrees.
A3-Bio: Preferably for bio and raw food. Duration: 30 hours and max temp. at 45 degrees.
A4-Hot: Dehydrator's warmest program for meat. Duration: 15 hours and max. temp. at 68 degrees.
A5 paste: optimized for drying pasta: Duration: 20 hours. and average temp. at 40 degrees.
A6-eco: low-energy program, also suitable for lightweight products that are not moved as low air flow is used. Duration: 48 hours and max temp. at 45 degrees.

Heat output: 500 w
Total drying surface: 5500 cm2
Color: stainless steel
Weight: 5.5 kg
Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 50 cm
Power: 220 v
Sound: 50 - 60 dB
Number of drying trays: 6 in stainless steel
Materials: Stainless Steel and Food Approved Hard Plastic
Energy Saving: On / Off Safety Button
Operation: electronic control panel and digital display
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