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Hell Fire Detroit - box1Hell Fire Detroit - box1Hell Fire Detroit - box1

Hell Fire Detroit - Hot Box #1

Product no. 38409

Hell Fire Detroit's Hot Box # 1 is handmade gourmet hot sauces produced in small batches.

Each hot sauce has its own chili sort, which is fireroasted and pureed with apple cider vinegar, sea salt and distilled water. In other words, there is plenty of good taste.

All sauces are natural, vegan, gluten-free and low in sodium and completely without preservatives.

The gift box for a good friend - or yourself - contains:

Poblano - wind force 2
Poblano is one of the most complex and aromatic chilies. As ripe, they are spicy and rich in flavor, while roasted poblanos develop a more deep and rich flavor. Also contains apple cider vinegar, olive oil and sea salt. Goes well with mushrooms, cheeses, feta, gorgonzola and pecorino, salads ...

Cherry Bomb - wind force 4
Cherry Bomb is a delicious thick-fleshed chili that is often pickled, salted or smoked. Originally used in Hungarian cuisine, but has spread beyond the United States by leaps and bounds.

Manzana - wind force 8
Roasted Manzana and apple cider. Manzana is also known as Rocoto - the only chili that has black seeds. Manzana is meaty with lots of juice and power, which goes well with avocado, cheese, fish, grilled meat, sweet potatoes and ice cream! Manzena is a hot sauce with a wealth of exciting facets. Bottled poetry?

Habanero - wind force 10
Now the woodpecker is chopping! Roasted habanero has its very own unmistakable, almost apricot-like, flavor. Habanero is used in Caribbean cuisine, in jerk sauces often along with tomatoes, lime, pumpkin seeds, tropical fruits and cocktails.

Net weight: 4 x 118 ml

EUR 66.95

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