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Highway to Hell

Product no. 2013822

The Highway to Hell box takes you on a trip from the Bronx, New York to Auckland, New Zealand to finally end the journey at Smokin 'Ed in South Carolina.

The wind forces start at level 6 and goes steadily up from here. Tastewise, not two of these 6 hot sauces are the alike.

Small Axe Peppers - Greenmarket Hot Sauce, wind force 6 is the original Hot Sauce from Small Axe Peppers. The beautiful green colour is due to the use of Serrano chili. The peppers in this Hot Sauce is produced by more than 40 different community gardens in The Bronx, NYC, which adds an urban dimension!

Queen Majesty - Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce, wind force 6 is a very versatile Hot Sauce from one of the best producers in the US. It can be used on almost all your favorite dishes. Or mix it with honey and use it for sweet potatoes or wings!

Headless Horseradish, wind force 8 from Torchbearer is made on Ghost chilies, flavored with horseradish, garlic and dry mustard - a crazy horse!!

Chili Klaus, Hot Sauce Nº 1 - Smoky Ghost, wind force 9: An intense and smoky Hot Sauce made on the famous Ghost peppers. Use it on pizza, scrambled eggs, tacos, steak and not least, your burger.

Culley's F * ck Me That's Hot Sauce, wind force 13. A seriously spicy hot sauce made from red bell pepper and the Carolina Reaper grown in New Zealand. The sweetness of the red pepper is wonderful. Enjoy it before the Carolina Reaper sends you to the moon!

Puckerbutt, Reaper Squeezin's, wind force 14. Smokin 'Ed from Rock Hill US, the man behind Carolina Reaper (the world's hottest chili) is the producer of this Hot Sauce made on pure Reaper. The heat is infernal, yet an incredibly exciting acquaintance.

NB! Keep it away from children under the age of 15 and from your wife, if you plan a cozy evening with her.

The six bottles of Hot Sauce are packed in a beautiful gift box with the Chili Klaus logo.

Net weight: 6 x 147 ml

Value: € 134,50

EUR 105.00
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