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Hot sauces 3-pack Honky tonkGiftbox

Honky Tonk

Product no. 2012814

With these three hot sauces, you experience what happens when you combine chili pepperers with ingredients from completely different 'families'.

Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce - wind force 6. In this sauce the Habanero is mixed with tropical fruits. You taste the sweetness of bananas, raisins and pineapples just before the heat kicks. Excellent for beef, chicken or as a stand-alone dip?

Secret Aardvark - wind force 8 from Portland, Oregon in the Northwest corner of the US. A unique Caribbean / Tex-Mex hybrid made on flavorful Habaneros, grilled tomatoes, mustard, carrots and onions. You can use it on anything!

Bacon me crazy - wind force 10 from Smokin 'Ed in South Carolina. As the title indicates, this Hot Sauce combines the great taste of bacon and ham with Smokin 'Ed's own famous Carolina Reaper chili.

Three different hot sauces with three different flavors and wind forces!

Honky Tonk is packed in a beautiful gift box with the Chili Klaus logo.

Net weight: 2 x 147 ml. and 1 x 236 ml.

Value: 51,00

EUR 51.00
EUR 40.25

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