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The RACK Vol. 2

Product no. 2454763

Perfect gift, for both someone who already loves hot sauce and for someone who wants to get started. 

Hot sauce is an excellent flavoring. We usually say: use hot sauce where you want to use salt and pepper: on your burger, in a stew, on fish, in a soup, for chicken, on an omelette - u name it.

In The RACK you get hot sauce from different parts of the world and in different wind forces. Most of the sauces have been featured in the American show Hot Ones.

Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce is Queen Majesty's hottest Hot Sauce, so far. The coffee-infused vinegar adds a nice, dark color to the sauce that matches the intense flavor of the red habanero. Perfect in stews or on pizza. You can also try to mix it up with ketchup for fries and burgers.
Featured in Hot Ones Season 3.

Wind force 8/15

Tikk-HOT Masala is a medium hot hot sauce. Tikk-HOT Masala is made with inspiration from a classic Tikka Masala sauce. In this bottle you get the entire taste of this amazing dish. It contains both the sweetness and creamy consistency of coconut milk as well as spices such as garlic, coriander and cumin. Use it in curry dishes, for meat and salads. It gets its pleasant heat from the Carolina Reaper as well as Ghost and Anaheim Chili. High Desert Sauce Co. makes unique handmade and "simple" hot sauces with few ingredients. They use only the best ingredients. No thickeners, added sugars or preservatives. Natural Ingredients - Vegan - Gluten Free.
Featured in Hot Ones Season 15. 

Wind force 9/15

Los Calientes Barbacoa, Hot One's new variant contributes with both sweetness, smoke and heat. A must have for BBQ. Los Calientes Barbacoa takes place number 4 in Hot Ones season 15 -  beautifully in the middle between the milder sauces and those with serious heat. A super tasty combo of smoked red Jalapeño (chipotle) ​​and Habanero, lime juice, apricot, apple cider vinegar, tomatillo, garlic, cumin etc.
Featured in Hot Ones Season 15. 

Wind force 7/15

Chili Klaus hot sauce No. 1 - Smoky Ghost
Hot Sauce Nº 1 is Chili Klaus' first Hot Sauce. It is made on Ghost and Chipotle chili, from which it also has its slightly smoked flavor. Pepper and grilled pepper are added, giving this Hot Sauce an intense flavor and color.
Use Nº 1 on pizza, chili con carne, scrambled eggs, tacos, steak and not least your burger.

Wind force 9/15

Culley's Fire Water. Gold medal winner at the New York City Hot Sauce expo ‘Screaming MimI awards’ 2016 In the category ‘XXX Hot’. With the combination of the Carolina Reaper and the Trinidad Scorpion this Hot Sauce is exciting, with an impressive heat that hits you immediately!

Wind force 14/15

The Last Dab XXX
This special XXX version of Last Dab combines Smokin 'Ed’s most famous chili-peppers, Pepper X, Chocolate Pepper X, and Peach Pepper X.The combination of these three chili-peppers makes The Last Dab XXX extremely hot.
The hottest sauce on Hot Ones!  

Wind force 15/15

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