Wind Force

1  -  15 /15


Wind Force

1  -  15 /15

Early 🦆 Jingle Balls

+ Duck Sauce + Hot Pine Tree

🔥 Jingle Balls + Santa Klaus hot sauce + Pine Tree
Kick off December with a spicy twist with our exclusive chili advent calendar, Jingle Balls, which even has an extra door for New Year's Eve.
🎁 Early Bird Offer:
Order before October 14th, and get our exclusive Santa Klaus Hot Sauce along with a Hot Pine Tree for FREE with your Jingle Balls advent calendar! It's the perfect way to add extra heat to your holiday season.
🎅🏼 Santa Klaus Duck Sauce - Heat Level 10
Santa Klaus Duck Sauce is flavored with orange, brown sugar, tamarind, onions, and mushrooms. A delightful combination of heat and flavor, it's ideal for spicing up your Christmas roast duck. Try it in your pork roast burger for an extra festive flavor experience.
🎄 Hot Pine Tree:
Make it a bit more festive with our beautiful Hot Pine Tree, a hot sauce holder that can be used as both decoration and to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Let it adorn your table and hold your Santa Klaus Duck Sauce in perfect holiday style.
🌡️ Heat Scale from 1 to 15:
Behind each door in Jingle Balls, you'll find a number from 1 to 15, indicating the strength of the contents you're about to enjoy. Whether you prefer mild or wild, Jingle Balls has something for everyone.
🍬 Spicy Contents:
Jingle Balls chili advent calendar is filled with treats - candies, gummies, licorice, and the famous chili balls. Each day offers a new exciting flavor experience in varying intensities.
💥 New Year's Eve Surprises:
In addition to the 24 days in December, Jingle Balls also has an extra door for New Year's Eve, so you can end the year on a spicy and festive note.
💫 Shareable and Perfect Gift:
Make the holiday season extra spicy and surprising for your family, friends, or coworkers. Jingle Balls is shareable, so more people can enjoy the fun.
🛒 Buy Jingle Balls Now:
Ensure your holiday season is warm, exciting, and most importantly, enjoyable.
💀 Warning:
If you find a skull behind a door, call an adult. You must be 6 years old to eat heat level 6 and 12 years old to eat heat level 12.

🌶️🎁 Order Jingle Balls advent calendar today!


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    Wind Force Scale

    Scoville units: 1.400.000 - 2.200.000

    Anything can happen. Stay away from high places, where you might consider throwing yourself from. Remember, you are loved 🔥❤️

    Chili: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend

    Scoville units: 855.000 - 1.047.000

    If you’ve never given birth, here’s your chance!

    Chili: Infinity, Naga Raja Mirch, Douglah

    Scoville units: 425.000 - 577.000

    A facemelter! Your face will melt and the flavour must be enjoyed prior to being hit by a German steam engine

    Chili: Naga Viper, Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

    Scoville units: 350.000 - 577.000

    Only for connoisseurs! The flavour is fantastic, but the rent is due – barbed wire in your mouth

    Chili: Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow, 7 Pod Yellow

    Scoville units: 125.000 - 375.000

    If you’re a newbie, you’re lost! Your ears are on maximum sensitivity and a bonfire is raging in your throat

    Chili: Habalokia Chocolate, Bhut Jolokia, Black Naga

    Scoville units: 100.000 - 350.000

    Enjoy it as long as possible. A French electrical train is about to take you on a super-ride

    Chili: Fatali, Red Savina, Nagabon, Chocolate Scotch Bonnet

    Scoville units: 100.000 - 350.000

    Now you really feel the flavour, just before a freight train delivers the capsaicin straight to your ears

    Chili: Habanero Caribbean, Naranja, Habanero Mustard

    Scoville units: 50.000 - 100.000

    Significant heat, which really kicks up the flavour. Now you start to experience what chili can do

    Chili: Snow White, Habanero Hot Lemon, Lemon Drop

    Scoville units: 30.000 - 50.000

    Striking heat, which creates more pleasure

    Chili: Blondie, Charleston Hot, De Arbol, Sugar Rush, Tabasco, Teapot Red

    Scoville units: 10.000 - 23.000

    Often a lot of flavour, the chili starts to kick a bit

    Chili: Monkey Face, Aji Amarillo,
 Peter Penis

    Scoville units: 5.000 - 10.000

    A moderate heat combined with the well-known chili flavour

    Chili: Rompedor, Manzano Rocoto, Jalapeño, Hungarian Wax

    Scoville units: 2.500 - 8.000

    A bit more heat, but in a charming way

    Chili: Cherry Bomb, Golden Cayenne, Serrano

    Scoville units: 1.000 - 1.500

    The full flavour of chili without much heat

    Chili: Sweet Habanero, Peppa Dew

    Scoville units: 500 - 2.500

    The full flavour of chili with very little heat

    Chili: Habanero Dulce, Aji Dulce, Pimento

    Scoville units: 100 - 500

    You still feel nothing

    Chili: Fooled You Bell Pepper