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The Gentle Package

The gentle package

Product no. 19064

The gentle set is:

1 bottle of Ketchup Chipotle Morita wind force 3 - the mildest of Chili Klaus 4 ketchup variants. Chipotle Morita, which is smoked, red jalapeño chili, has been added to this nice and sweet ketchup. Chipotle originally comes from the Mexican cuisine and has become insanely popular in the Western world. With a low wind force level of 3 this ketchup can be enjoyed by everyone!

1 bottle of Ketchup Scotch Bonnet wind forcer 6 - a sweet and flavorful ketchup with Scotch Bonnet chili. Scotch Bonnet with the shape of a Scottish Tam 'o shanter hat (that's where it got its name) is the national fruit of Carribbean. It brings warmth to this Chili Klaus ketchup without overruling the taste of tomato, onion and garlic.

1 bottle of BBQ Chipotle wind force 4. The combination of the slightly smoked chili flavor together with this sweet BBQ sauce is, if we must say so, quite successful. BBQ sauce is perfect both before and after cooking your meat, but you might also use it as a dip for your hot wings or snacks.

Net weight: 3 x 250 ml.

Wind force 3,4,6

EUR 16.00
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