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3-pack hot sauces Yellow RoadGiftbox

Yellow Road

Product no. 2012808

Yellow Road is a combination of three very different Hot Sauces from Pennsylvania, Denmark and Auckland, New Zealand. 2 medium hot and one mild Hot Sauce, flavored with widely different ingredients.

Headless Horseradish, wind force 8 from Torchbearer is made on Ghost chilies, flavored with horseradish, garlic and dry mustard.

Chili Klaus Hot Sauce No. 3, Ginger & Lime Leaf, wind force 8 is a fresh and medium hot Hot Sauce made on Madame Jeanette chili added celery, ginger and lime. Perfect for chicken or fish.

Culley's Mango & Coconut, wind force 2 is very mild and a perfect introduction to the Hot Sauce world. Among other things, it is flavored with tropical ingredients like mango and coconut.

The 3 Hot Sauces are packed in a beautiful gift box with the Chili Klaus logo.

Net weight: 3 x 147 ml

Value: 65,50

EUR 49.75
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